Making Terms Matter

We would like to thank each and everyone who took part in our annual conference arranged by our sister company Interverbum on September 25, and a special thanks to all our speakers.  

In his opening speech, Interverbum Technology’s Ioannis Iakovidis introduced the theme of the day: Better, faster, cheaper! Terminology management for big data and explosive growth.

Kara Warburton from Termologic took us to the New Frontiers in Terminology Work, Henrik Nilsson from TNC, the Swedish Centre for Terminology, told us about What’s in a Term: Definitions, Terms and Target Groups while Hanne Erdman Thomsen from Copenhagen Business School took the financial point of view: Cost Benefit Analysis of Terminology Work.

XTM Internationals Mikołaj Lauer led us through a demonstration of the FALCON project and the Building of the Localization Web while Donald A. DePalma from Common Sense Advisorygave us the broader perspective on terminology management and Enterprise Translation Automation.

The more practical views on Introducing Terminology Management at Atlas Copco was handed down by Sofie Waldén and her experiences proved somewhat similar to Mikaela Gidlund’s who gave us some very interesting insights into Drivers and Experience of Terminology Work at SAAB.

Torbjörn Hägglöf from IBM taught us that medical data is expected to double every 73 days by 2020 and how IBM’s Watson stands firm in the explosive content growth environment: Same Same but Different – Global Decision Support and Local Languages.

Johan Norberg from SDI Media, the leading provider of subtitling, translation, and language dubbing services, again widened our perspective by showing that terminology management indeed needs to cover much more than just terms in Entropy requires no maintenance – or – Location! Location! Location!

A more specialized angle of Term Validation/Term Coverage was given by Ronan Martin from SAS Institute (Ronan has even been kind enough to supply us with his paper on the subject, which you can find here), while Andreas Ljungström gave an interesting introduction to a Consolidation Tool for Consistent Terminology that is used at his company, Euroscript.

Finally, Interverbum Technology’s Mats Granström was Bridging the Language Gap: Creating a Plug-in for Patient-Professional Communication.

Kara Warburton rounded off a long and interesting day when leading a discussion on Challenges and Opportunities in Effective Terminology Management.

Last but not least a big thank you to participants from across the globe who actively contributed to our event.

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