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Smart Technology and Automation

Do you want your marketing and subject matter experts to edit the translated web interface directly? Nescit Translation offers this solution, where changes are automatically saved and retrievable for future use. No special software or technical skills are needed – only a login. This is because Nescit uses smart technology to collect, retrieve and recycle client feedback. 

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Letting a machine translate or not?

Machine Translation (abbreviated as MT) literally refers to a translation process done by a computer without human involvement. The history of MT can be traced back to the 1940s. 

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Multilingual Communications and ROI

Does your content work on a global level? Your multilingual communications strategy should of course address this question in order to maximize the return on any investment (ROI) in the communications field. The term 'multilingual communications' is mostly used in marketing, but it relates to each and every aspect of your organization's global communications, across all departments and professions. We understand the challenges of reaching consensus among people from different fields and geographies - even in small organizations - and will do what we can to facilitate the process. 

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